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Dyslexia and Dyscalculia





In person or per Zoom



from 3-99 years

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Carmen Graemiger MSc

School Psychologist

Specialist Psychologist for Children and Adolescents FSP

Why personalized learning?

As a School Psychologist with work experience in both cognitive assessments and teaching, I enable you to understand where your cognitive strengths are and how to use them while learning. 

Each student is one of a kind

In all the students that I have assessed over the years, not one was comparable to the other. 

Psychological assessment helps you understand both your area of strength and weakness

It will make a huge difference for learning whether your memory works better in auditory or in visual-spatial tasks, or if you are performing better in planning than in conceptual thinking. The speed of performance makes a difference, and so does the general knowledge you have collected over the years. Not to speak about motivational aspects or self-confidence.

Therapy and interventions are tailored to meet your individual needs

Your learning habits have to be adjusted so that your personal area of strength will enhance other, weaker areas. The instructional approaches have to be designed to meet your needs. This will enable you to learn more efficiently, which will bring more fun and success. Your self-esteem will be growing, and so will your motivation. 

The motivation to learn will be increasingly important in a fast changing environment, which demands life-long-learning.

Our goal:

Empower students to learn better for a life-long-learning experience!

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