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Carmen Graemiger MSc

Specialist Psychologist for Children and Adolescents FSP

School Psychologist

Carmen Graemiger has a master degree from the University of Zurich in Psychology, Psychopathology, and History of Art

She has specific work experience as a School Psychologist for over twenty years both in Switzerland and abroad.

In Switzerland, she used to work in schools with a large number of students with cultural and ethnic diversity. Most of them were children of immigrants from all over the world, and some of them even had experienced war and exploitment. As a Psychologist, it was important to understand them even if they  could not express themselves properly in German and to give them hope to succeed a better life through learning.

The professional integration of the students has always been a very important goal of Carmen Graemiger. Therefore, she was involved in various time-out projects for adolescents in crisis or with behavioral issues who could not attend the mainstream classes anymore and to bring them back on track.


At the Swiss School in Singapore she set up and led the Special Needs Department for mainstream students with learning difficulties and developed the support concept. There she provided psychological assessment and taught special needs children for three years. Also, she developed and implemented a project for support and enrichment, which involved all students of the classes P2 to P6 of the Swiss School Singapore in 2006.

Migration was an important issue in her own life. She migrated as a child from the Italian speaking part of Switzerland to the German speaking part, then as an adult from Switzerland to Singapore, from Singapore to the US and back to Switzerland. 

In her work she was involved in counseling both immigrants and expats.

So she knows what adaptation to a new culture, new language, new environment looks and feels like.


Fields of Competence

Psychological Diagnostics

Cognitive Functioning

Learning Difficulties


Behavioral Issues




Specialist Psychologist for Children and Adolescents FSP since 2004


German, English, Italian, French


Föderation der Schweizer Psychologinnen und Psychologen, FSP

Schweizerische Vereinigung für Kinder- und Jugendpsychologie, SKJP

American Psychological Association, APA

International School Psychological Association, ISPA

Verband Dyslexie Schweiz (VDS)

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